The SWAT Pen is a solid and effective tactical pen.  It writes like a thousand bucks and is designed to be used to escape and in for self-defense situations.

It has a tungsten carbide hitting tip, designed to break glass or anything hard. This means you can escape from a crashed car or save someone stuck in a car.

It uses the common ballpoint Parker G2 style ink refills also available in our store. It is compatible with the Fisher Space ink refills.

The writing tip is covered with a click-cap that fits to the pen's but when writing.

The SWAT Pen is slightly larger than your typical ballpoint pen and is designed with the idea of holding it in reverse grip with the thumb on the back, to maximally leverage the power of your pen grip.

It is used by many self-defense coaches around the World and used similarly to a kubotan, except here it is a pen! Folks carry it everyday.

This pen is made of aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6 and won't break even if chewed by a pitbull, run over by a loaded semi or dropped from a flying plane (though this last one is presumed, not attempted yet!).

Most of the time, folks use the SWAT Pen to open their package and writing. It is ready for less fun tasks in case it becomes a necessity.

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Smashing End

The impact end of the pen can break glass, ceramic, and metal. We used an extreme hardness superalloy called tungsten carbide.

Solid Grip

The S.W.A.T. pen allows a thumb grip – the only way to fully transfer your power to the target.

Smart Cap

Don't waste your time screwing the cap on and off for writing. With this survival pen, you simply clip the cap on either side. The cap belt/pocket clip is remarkably useful.

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