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About Us

The Atomic Bear was founded for the sole purpose of helping everyday folks prepare to survive. Backed by years of experience in the tactical and self-defense industry, we began by designing ultra-reliable gear, and assessing the quality and effectiveness of thousands of brands to offer the some of the strongest, most affordable survival products on the market.  

But we wanted to be more than just a tactical-gear store. We wanted to create a new generation of survival-focused citizens, and realized the best way to do that was not only to offer great gear, but to show our customers how to best use it. So we sought out to produce a series of online training videos that would help arm our customers with survival strategies they couldn’t get anywhere else. Because real Preppers know that when SHTF, failure is not an option-and neither is ignorance.

Fast-forward to present day, and The Atomic Bear name is synonymous with excellence. From multi-faceted defense pens and and knives, to innovative medical pouches and nutritional seed packs-our goal is to serve and instruct even the most grizzled survivalist. In fact, if you have any serious issue with any one of our products, please let us know. We’ll either repair the flaw, or remove it from our inventory.

We’re not looking for extreme adverse situations to happen. However, the 21st century has taught us that life-threatening events can and will occur daily; and when they do, there’s no such thing as being “too prepared.” Because when things take an unexpected turn, survivors don’t take chances. Survivors take control.


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