• EASY IGNITION - ENDLESS FLAME Light with one spark from your ferro rod. Fluff the end of the wick, light and use your mobile flame as your multi-purpose fire starter.
  • VERSATILE TINDER - Waxed hemp wick boasting a cumulative burn time of over 3 hours. 39 inches (100cm) of wick can be cut into multiple wicks for ease of use.
  • EXTINGUISH WITH JUST ONE HAND - Safely control your flame burn rate with just one hand. Extend the wick for a larger flame or retract back into the tube to completely extinguish your flame.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Add this survival fire starter to your fire starter kit. Less than 1 ounce and fits into any pocket or pack. Use with The Atomic Bear Fire Spark Kit for a complete your hiking gear, camping gear and survival gear kits.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - We are proud to support you with our lifetime guarantee and product use education. Get to know us at The Atomic Bear.
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