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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here are some of our most common questions and the answers.

 Q: How do I pay my order with PayPal?

A: We have a detailed explanation click here.

Q: How long does it take for my survival products to arrive?

A: Normally within 7 days. It can sometimes be only 2 days. But if you have not received your goods within 10 days PLEASE  contact us!


Q: What if I want to return my products?

A: We take returns at no extra cost WITHIN 30 DAYS. You need to contact us with the following information: 1) Your order ID and name 2) Your zip code area where you live. We will send you a label that you can print and bring to the post office. This will cover the return cost. Package your goods as well as possible so they are not destroyed during their way back (please!). As soon as the package arrives your money is refunded.


Q: What if my product breaks or is defective?

A: Make sure to activate your product warranty (link here) If you product breaks, or is defective, contact us with 1) Your order ID 2) A clear picture and an explanation of what it is that is defective so we can learn from it. Our customer support team will make sure to replace or refund the product. Note: we do not cover scratches after use... But we are very proud people and we do want each product to represent us well. Anyway! We've got your back covered!


Q: Is a tactical pen allowed on a airplane?

A: Answer: no. You can carry your pen in your checked-in luggage no problem. Here is what I have heard people doing successfully (not recommending). With a pen like the SWAT pen, it is likely that the agents from TSA will take it. Some might be zealous and give you more trouble than they should, but this pen is not a stealth mode pen. It is a badass pen. I have successfully carried it over security myself, though not recommended. The MTP-6 tactical pen is a little different because you can unscrew the glass breaker head, which lead to a pen flashlight... harmless. You can decide where you want to carry the glass breaker head, separate, during security checks. Ideally, in your luggage, but it is your call ;-) Thirdly the REBEL. It is recommended to leave it in you checked-in luggages, but I never heard anybody having issues going through security with this tactical pen.


Q: What are my liabilities if I use any of your products for self-defense?

A: We cannot answer this question here. I strongly recommend that you learn about your State law. Ask to different law representative. Read about it on the internet. There are few basic principles that apply for self-defense: Do not instigate any event that you end up using harming force to defend yourself; Do not use excessive means. Please seek information and know your rights and obligations. They greatly differ by jurisdiction. I provide links here for the sole purpose of your entertainment:

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