The REBEL tactical pen is a serious tool. Use its tungstene carbide tip to escape from crashed car, to save a baby from heatstroke, or to defend yourself against an aggressor.

The REBEL tactical pen is a wonderful pen. It uses high quality, yet affordable refills. You can get your refills from The Atomic Bear, Fisher Space, Parker, Rite in the Rain, etc.

▶ BADASS WEAPON THAT FLIES UNDER THE RADAR – The REBEL tactical pen writes smoothly and evenly and appears harmless until deployed. Has a powerful glass breaking tip. Includes 2 large ink refills. Compatible with: Atomic Bear ink refills, Parker, Fisher Space, Rite in the Rain, etc.

▶ MADE FOR THE LONG HAUL – Comes with a LIFETIME warranty. Feels high quality, balanced and is rugged enough to handle the unexpected. With a tough machined military grade aluminum body & ultra-hard glass-breaker tip. Not too heavy. Great grip with thumb rest for maximum striking power.

▶ IN CASE THE DAY TAKES A TURN – Added to your tactical gear, this self defense pen and the FREE video training are giving you the extra layer of security you need anywhere you go (reported by many to pass TSA security).

▶ WHY SHOULD I TRUST THE ATOMIC BEAR? We constantly invest in serving YOU with the products you need. Our products systematically get better ratings, #americapride, and are sold across the Country. You will love everything about this pen. Just in case, we offer a risk-free LIFETIME satisfaction Guarantee.

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Sometimes carrying a concealed weapon is not enough. Sometimes concealed carry is impractical like when you’re wearing a tuxedo or a cocktail dress. And sometimes you need more protection than your firearm, which can be hard to get to in the event of a scuffle. You need a self defense pen. And not just any self defense pen. You need the Rebel Pen from the Atomic Bear.

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A tactical pen is a pen that is made of stronger material than your average pen and is designed to be more than a pen. A tactical pen is a pen designed to be used in emergency situations such as in a car accident to break a window or as a weapon if attacked. Most tactical pens are designed to be added to your everyday carry (EDC) gear as self defense tools. Along with a knife, a firearm, a compass, a flashlight, and a GPS device, if ever lost, you should find yourself well prepared for survival as well.


Tactical pens are perfectly legal to own. Considered non-lethal, tactical pens are not designed to kill. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t. Some countries do consider tactical pens weapons and if caught trying to bring a tactical pen onto an airplane, you could be charged with conspiracy to commit a crime. However, the worst that was reported to happen was pen confiscation going through TSA. The REBEL is designed to reduce the risk of being confiscated in any place. This being said, you need to know your local law either in the United States or abroad. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) does consider tactical pens weapons and will confiscate them should they suspect them as such. However, it is perfectly legal to take an ordinary pen on an airplane. Hence, the trick is to make the tactical pen appear as much like an ordinary pen as possible.


The modern tactical pen is based off an invention from Japan in the 1960s called the Kubotan. A Kubotan is a pen-shaped object, designed to go on your keychain as a weapon. It has finger grips along one side and a flat end and a tapered end. Invented by Soke Takayuki Kubota, it’s designed to target bony, fleshy, and sensitive parts such as bones, ribs, eyes, groin, stomach, and nose. This can be used in punching or as a pressure point weapon. The Kubotan is popular with law enforcement around the world for its efficiency and effectiveness in self-defense and against opponents.

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  • A tactical pen needs to be functional yet discreet.
  • It needs to be able to take down an attacker without garnering notice.
  • A tactical pen needs to be both easy to wield and easy to carry.
  • A tactical writing pen needs to be able to write.
  • It needs to be strong, tough, and durable, able to withstand force and pressure against it.


  • A tactical pen needs to be able to jab and stab an opponent.
  • A tactical pen needs to be able to be of use in an emergency situation, such as breaking glass.
  • A self defense tool needs to be able to pack a punch or puncture if needs be an assailant.
  • A tactical pen should be able to swipe or slash an opponent.


    • Learn how to wear your tactical pen ready for action.
    • Learn practice drills for quick defense.
    • Learn how to break a car window to escape or save someone in just one strike.
    • Be more confident to use a tactical pen for self defense.

Find your online class here:

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The Atomic Bear’s Rebel pen meets all the requirements of a perfect self defense pen. Small enough to pass detection, this tactical pen boosts the right amount of chic to not be suspected as a weapon. The Rebel pen oozes durability with an aluminum body and tungsten tip. It writes well and has refillable ink, so this tactical writing pen will last a lifetime.   For those “just in case” moments, the Rebel pen can’t be beat. Featuring glass-breaking capabilities, this pen will come in handy in case of a car accident or a fire. Great for military and law enforcement, this tactical pen is reliable and strong. The cap screws on and has a clip, perfect to stay in place and secure in a pocket or purse. The cap of this self defense tactical writing pen doesn’t fit very well on the back of the pen, which is an advantage: if someone asks to borrow your pen (which happens all the time), keep the cap in your hand. That way, you’ll always remember to get your pen back!

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Rock-solid, this self defense pen by the Atomic Bear is easy to wield against an assailant in close-range struggles. The grip is very natural and easy to deploy. With a clip on the cap to secure to items, this tactical writing pen is easily accessible in times of need. When you’re attacked, you have a matter of seconds to react and the last thing you want is to be fumbling around for your pen at the bottom of your bag.   If you’re looking for the best tactical pen and survival pen, look no further than the Atomic Bear’s Rebel pen. So comfortable to use, this pen will feel like an extension of your hand, giving you maximum striking power whether using as a punch or a slash. Compatible with most ink cartridges such as the Atomic Bear’s ink refills, Parker, and Fisher Space, this tactical writing pen writes smoothly and consistently for all your writing needs. Reliable in a pinch and practical in everyday use, this tactical pen is the perfect addition to your EDC tactical gear. Order yours today!

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