Benefits of the Atomic Bear Tactical Belt.

  • Made of high-quality double-layer nylon, 1.5" width, and can be cut to fit pants sizes 30-46.
  • Strong enough for IWB or OWB holsters and holds gun and mag holsters firmly.
  • Provides comfort for everyday use, doesn't get soggy or dig into your side.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel self-tightening buckle is quick and easy to undo or adjust.
  • Atomic Bear is known for its lifetime warranty and high-quality tactical gear.
  • The belt is suitable for both everyday carry and tactical situations.

How to use the Atomic Bear Tactical Belt.

  • Adjust the tactical belt to fit your pants size by cutting it to the appropriate length.
  • Use the belt to securely hold your gun and magazine holsters in place.
  • Enjoy the comfort and convenience of everyday carry with the Atomic Bear Tactical Belt.
  • Use the belt for tactical situations where quick and easy access to your weapon is necessary.
  • Use the lifetime warranty if any issues arise with the belt.

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