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By: Jean-François Truchon 25/06/2018

The REBEL: a Tactical Pen You Can Rely On When the Day Takes a Turn (SHTF)

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What is a Tactical Pen?

Ever felt not safe. Walking in a crowd? Walking late at night? Or just not having your usual weapon in a restricted area and feeling ‘naked’? A tactical pen will give you this extra layer of defense that no one knows about but can make you a dangerous survivor!

How is that? A tactical pen that can hit really hard without hurting yourself and without breaking the pen. They are normally made of metal with a hitting end. Of course, depending on the brand and model, you can find a lot of variations.

Obviously there are some techniques to it, but I know for a fact that you can use a good tactical pen to escape from a difficult situation.

Issues with existing tactical pens

  • — Look too aggressive and get confiscated at security check points
  • — Are too heavy to wear where you would normally want to wear them: shirt pocket, t-shirt collar, in a suit jacket, too heavy for your handbag
  • — Are not using the right material on the hitting end. Most of them use hardened aluminum which is not cut for heavy tasks like saving a baby from a car by breaking the window
  • — Not comfortable to write because of the enlarged dimensions
  • — Ink refills not easy to find

If you don’t use your tactical pen everyday when things are good, chances are that you won’t have it on you when the day takes a turn.

What Makes the Rebel Stand Out?

The Rebel, our creation, is attempting to solve these problems. It is a really nice professional pen. We set the dimension back to those of a normal pen. We designed it so that it is really enjoyable to write with. It is really tough. And we have put the hardest metal at the hitting tip so that you will go through glass like a knife through butter. So to summarize:

  • — Attractive enough for the boardroom
  • — Does not look aggressive
  • — Lightweight, can actually be carried in your shirt pocket
  • — Rugged and cut for heavy duty hitting
  • — Great window breaker tip
  • — Excellent writing pen
  • — Nice look and finish
  • — Accept Parker-style refills. We sell 6 cartridges for $7.99 currently. You can up the quality to Fisher Space if you like. These can be found in any office store, or shopping center


A Quick Lesson About Self-Defense Using a Tactical Pen

We have asked the Thaï street combat and martial art expert, David Sutthaland, for advices about using a tactical pen. The REBEL tactical pen has an important feature to effectively hit: a flat end that allows for a strong grip in reverse grip, allowing the thumb to be behind the pen when you hit with it.

Note: the sound is not the best apologies.

What does the Rebel Look Like?

A Visit Inside the REBEL Pen

The REBEL tactical pen has many parts. On the image below you can see the black ink refill. It does fit inside a cavity together with a spring that guarantee a great writing experience. The writing tip (left) has a groove that fits the writing fingers. The cap has a pocket clip. It screws onto the main pen body to make sure that you don’t lose your pen when wearing it through the clip. Changing the ink refill is super easy. To the right, you can see the exposed hitting point made of tungstene carbide. One of the hardest metal alloy. This material is used in armour penetrating bullets. This is one of the reason why the REBEL is a great window breaker.

What Customers Have to Say About the REBEL Tactical Pen

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