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By: Jean-François Truchon 25/01/2018

You might have heard of the term “go bag” from movies and books, and wondered what that actually means. You see the hero of the film go to a bus station, open a random locker, and suddenly passports with various identities, tons of bundled cash, and like a gun or two are inside. He or she is ready to roll.

While this might not be something you could see yourself doing or even needing, a go bag is something that you should have available in case of an emergency. It’s an emergency kit that you and your family will have ready to go when the unexpected arises, such as a horrible storm, natural disaster, or other crisis.

At The Atomic Bear, we are very concerned with your safety, and our S.W.A.T. Pen is an essential for any go bag or emergency kit. At less than $14, it’s affordable enough that you can keep a few of them in various places, including cars, purses, pockets, tucked inside your bullet-proof vest, and more.

Here’s what your go bag should include.


While your cash supply won’t likely be as plentiful as the ones you see in an action movie, you should have some stashed away in case the power or the Internet goes out. You want to be able to handle transactions for food and other supplies should you need them.

First Aid

Keep a small stash of band-aids, gauze, antiseptic ointment, scissors, aspirin, and other first aid supplies (you can get pre-made packs with everything from the Red Cross). Even a minor cut can result in a life-threatening infection, so you want to be able to debride it, wrap it, and keep it clean. Also keep a stash of dust masks, a pocket knife, and other health essentials.

Two-way Radios

In the event that you lose power and cell service, two-way radios will allow you to communicate with loved ones. Have enough for each person in your family to have one, with enough batteries to keep them going for a week.


Again, each person in your family should get his or her own flashlight. Everybody should be able to find their way around in the dark, so that nobody is left behind. And don’t forget the batteries!

Emergency Radio

Find a battery-operated radio that broadcasts emergencies. Storm radios are great for storms, but you should be able to listen to other forms of communication so you’re aware of situations outside of bad weather.

Non-perishable Food

Your access to fresh food could be cut off for some time. Prepare yourself with pre-packaged foods (not canned food!), and a few water bottles per person.


Great as she is, Siri can’t get you out of everything. Get local maps for your state, as well as surrounding states, so you can navigate your way to safety.


Matches, lighters, and a mini camping stove are critical to purifying water, cooking food, sterilizing medical equipment, and starting fires to keep warm.

Photos of Your Family

If you’re separated from your family, having recent photos of them on hand will go a long way toward helping you locate them. Your cell phone will be useless after too long, so print a few photos.

While we hope that you never have to use it, have your go bag ready to go, and don’t forget to add the S.W.A.T. Pen to it!

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