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By: Jean-François Truchon 04/04/2019

Many Homeless Americans Have Already Bug Out - Episode 14: The Atomic Bear Show

According to HUD Exchange statistics, there are more than half a million homeless americans. About one third of all homeless are unsheltered. There is about 40,000 veterans without a home. Globally, t...


Survival is not just a question of skills! I am posted the links of blogposts that inspired our discussions:

1) In this article, they discussed why 75% of Nave SEALS recruits are failing the training and highlight the characteristics of those who can make it. It turns out it is not physical only... a big part is the 'survival mindset'!

Survival Mindset - Navy SEALs Secrets & The Will to Survive


2) Mindfulness meditation is an extremely powerful practice that teach you how to listen to your mind talking all the time. Harnessing your mind conversation is an extremely powerful skill.

Meditate Just Like The U.S. Marines

This is the app I do personally use to meditate using my phone. It trains you with 10 minutes sessions. They have a 10 sessions free - enough to know if it fits you!

Headspace App


3) This is a company teaching the survival mindset, especially on How to prepare for an armed intruder. Although I have not followed any of their program (therefore have no solid opinion), it seems quite legit.


There are all episodes of The Atomic Bear Show.

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