Doug Marcaida Trades His Karambit Knife for a Tactical Pen | The Atomic Bear
By: Jeff Truchon 06/12/2022
Doug Marcaida, the famous Forged In Fire Weapons Specialist Judge and the Kali martial art expert who blew our minds with his Kali martial art using a karambit knife, trades his karambit for the Stealth Pen Pro by The Atomic Bear.

We know Doug Marcaida for his art of using a karambit knife in combat training and demonstrations. We asked Doug what he thinks of our newest tactical pen, the Stealth Pen Pro.

Doug is famous for his amazing contribution as a weapon specialist in the show "Forged in Fire" broadcasted by History for 9 seasons.

We send a Stealth Pen Pro to Doug Marcaida to get his feedback last year while still developing it. He was kind enough to record a video for us.

He is responsible for the famous phrase "It will keal". In a Youtube video published by History, they assembled a list of infamous weapons testing episodes. If this does not repel you, this is the link to that video.

While Doug Marcaida does not have a Wikipedia page (at the moment of writing), you can see his work on the IMDB website and the Wikipedia page for Forged in Fire.

His appearance on television did not happen by luck. It is the culmination of a long carrier committed to self-improvement and helping others. Reading on his about page on his website we learn that after spending 8 years in the US Air Force, he pursued a carrier as a respiratory nurse while building his Marcaida Kali style martial arts school.

During those 20 years, he kept developing as a martial artist and a teacher.

Doug told me that when he was working at night at the hospital he would always carry a pen in his hands. He liked to fidget and play with a pen and he knew that he could defend himself or help someone else better with a force multiplier like a pen or a pencil.

I don't know for you, but I right away picture the pen fight scene in Bourne Identity where Jason Bourne fights a foe spy with a Bic pen.

I am extremely honoured that Doug Marcaida loved the Stealth Pen Pro and that I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few hours.

I highly recommend following him on Facebook, where he does weekly lives, TikTok, and Instagram.

By Jeff Truchon


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