The Multi-Tool MTP-6 Tactical Pen Review | The Atomic Bear
By: Jean-François Truchon 06/08/2018

The All-In-One Tactical Pen MTP-6

Need a pen that does it all? Tactical pen, flashlight, glass breaker, screw driver… The Atomic Bear multi-tool tactical pen might be cut for you.

When it comes to tactical pen, The Atomic Bear has a proven track record. The best selling SWAT pen has saved multiple lives and is greatly appreciated by their fans. It is built like a tank and made for the heavy duty work. The REBEL tactical pen has a more traditional pen look and is designed to be used in the boardroom while being cut for its protection duty. This multi-tool MTP-6 is their jack of all trade well made new tactical pen. It may be made for you…

The MTP-6 Multi-Tool Tactical Pen

The Multi-Tool Tactical Pen is a jack of all trade. When carrying this pen, you are equipped with a glass breaking/self-defense tool, a flashlight, a pen, a cutter/scrapper, a bottle opener, a flat screw driver, hexagonal key wrench,…

The Multi-Tool Tactical Pen Review - Image 1

 The glass breaking tip is made of tungstene carbide (a very hard metal alloy used in armor piercing bullets) and shaped such that a car glass window will shatter in one strike if hit in the right spots.

The Multi-Tool Tactical Pen Review - Image 2

The glass breaker head can be flipped to unveil a multi-tool kit with many functionalities: screwdriver, hexagonal key, cutter, bottle opener

The Multi-Tool Tactical Pen Review - Image 3

One thing that makes this multi-tool pen quite unique is the integrated led flashlight with two modes: strobe for signaling and full power.

The Multi-Tool Tactical Pen Review - Image 4

The MTP-6 is water resistant, not made to be immersed into water for an extended period, but will work under heavy rain. If times come that you need to use the glass breaker for self-defense, it is designed so that you can use a solid reverse grip to maximize the hit power. This is the proper way to hold your Atomic Bear pen to hit:

The proper way to hold your Atomic Bear pen to hit

Check a Video Review of the Multi-tool Tactical Pen by Coach Helder

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