▶ High-tech ink cartridges that can write upside down, underwater with an enhanced ink flow speed when needed.

▶ Best suited for: The Stealth Pen Pro, SWAT Pen, Rebel Pen, and Defender Pen

▶ How it works: the air tight cartridge has a positive pressure pushing the ink out when the ballpoint is activated. This is in contrast with traditional refills where gravity is pushing the ink out.

▶ Each component of these ink cartridges is manufactured with precision. Made in Germany. Packaged in the USA.

▶ In case you are looking for cheaper but still great ink refills to fit the Atomic Bear pens using Parker-type G2 refills, you might love this pack of 6 refills we offer.


We can ship this product internationally, but if you order from outside the United States, it can only be paired (at the moment) with the Stealth Pen Pro.