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The ONE Item Every Person Need to Carry for Self-Defense: The All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6

You read the news. You know how the world has changed since you’ve been a kid. You know how dangerous it is. With the possibility that any place you go you could face a shooter, you need to be able to defend yourself. But how? And with what? You need something you can carry anywhere, anytime, and any place.

Something that is small, portable, and doesn’t look like a deadly weapon. Something that fits in your pocket, your purse, and when wielded, in the palm of your hand. You need the All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6, the perfect everyday carry (EDC) self-defense device.

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Atomic Bear’s All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6 solves all of your self-defense and tactical gear problems. This pen can do so much it’s amazing, so let’s dive in and explore the many features! First, the All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6 is just that: a pen. It writes really well. Being a pen, it goes with you wherever you go.

You won’t forget to bring it along as it can stay in your wallet, purse, car, backpack, or bag if you’re traveling. It fits in your pocket, so it’s readily available when a self-defense situation arises. And no one would suspect it’s a tactical pen that could kill someone.

The All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6 is perfect in the field as well. This combat flashlight features two settings: a standard brightness setting and a powerful bright beam of light, perfect for the dark of night, a dark alley, or an unlit parking garage or street. This combat flashlight also has a strobe feature to be used for signalling for help or possibly to temporarily blind your attacker. The All-in-One

Tactical Pen MTP-6 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. This self-defense tool will not crack or break under any kind of normal circumstances. You can drop it, step on it, jump on it, or throw it against a wall and it won’t break. This tactical pen features a tungsten tip, which is perfect to break a window if there’s a fire, a car window in an emergency situation, or to puncture plastic or make holes in substances. It can also be wielded against an attacker for self defense.

Being so durable, this All-in-One Tactical Pen can do some serious damage. This survival multi-tool contains everything you’d need in an emergency. One end of the All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6 unscrews to reveal a flat-head screwdriver, which is a necessity for fixing gear out in the field, tightening a loose bolt on your car, or unscrewing a doorknob.

It features a scraper as well for cold nights when you can’t read your compass or odometer on an all-terrain vehicle. This tactical pen features a hex key (also known as an Allen key), which is a tool used for driving bolts and screws. Along with the screwdriver, this All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6 should have you covered with any mechanical need that should arise. Finally, this pen has a bottle opener. We’ve all experienced the need for a beer late at night with no bottle opener in sight.

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The Atomic Bear’s All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6 has everything you need for any survival or self-defense situation that arises. If you’re out and about at night and someone demands your wallet and starts to get physical, you can use the tungsten point to poke holes in his attack plan. If you become lost in the woods, you’ll have the basic survival tools you’ll need in this one survival pen to get you through the night until you find help. If you need to sign your hunting license after taking down a nice six-point buck in the field and no one has a pen, you do! If you need to open a can of beans and a beer on a cold night camping in the woods and watching the stars come out, you’ll be prepared.

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The Atomic Bear’s All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6 is guaranteed to help you survive in this dog-eat-dog world. The Atomic Bear also offers online training in the use of our tactical pens, so you’ll know all of its capabilities and how to access them in a pinch. We offer a video online as well that shows you how exactly to change your ink cartridge when it runs out. The Atomic Bear also offers many more useful survival and self-defense products in addition to this tactical pen. We offer the SWAT Tactical Blade, which is the perfect survival pocket knife that’s easy to carry and use as well as Our Cobra Survival Bracelet that features a compass, a fire starter, and an emergency whistle--all at your fingertips!

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