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The Atomic Bear FireWand Instructions

With the FireWand, you can now start your camp fire with confidence without burning your fingers and going through all your matches or lighter fuel

These are the instructions for your Firewand. When you open your package, you will find the tube that is made of strong aluminum and you will find three waxed twine.

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Let's first talk about how you can use this product to start a fire with the ferrocenium rod, that we also call a ferro rod. First of all, make sure you have about half an inch of the twine out, split into very small thread. The piece of the twine that comes out so that it can better catch the sparks from your rod. Make sure this is on a stable surface where nothing else can catch fire, so it's a safe place to start the fire. Scrape your rod and voila, the fire starts on the device.

To extinguish the fire, simply pull on to twine, and this should do the trick. However, sometimes you might still have a little bit of fire going on, so make sure you scrape out all the burned out pieces and also to make sure there is nothing left so your bag or backpack won't catch fire.

You can also use our Atomic Bear bracelets ferrocenium rod by simply scraping the same way your fire one so that it catch fire. And it just shows that you don't need a big ferro rod to start a fire with this tool.

You can also ignite the twine using a regular lighter. In this case, it's a lot easier because you don't have to split the little thread there. It's much easier, and it allows you to carry the flame where ever you want. Talking about which, we're going to go through different types of use of this product. You can use it to light to your tinder. Sometimes they're positioned in a place where there's no wind so you want to be able to carry your flame. This tool is perfect for that. It can move around your flame, start fire, have different sites of ignition. And because there's wax also it takes longer to burn than regular twine. It's good. Also, if you just like, Oh, you don't have long match, long matches you can use, simply this tool with a lighter to light your fondue alcohol so that you don't burn your fingers.

In some cases, you may have a new piece of twine that is a little bit split, and here's how you can twist it to fit it in the opening of the Firewand. You twist the twine inside, push it while twisting. It will make the work so much easier, and it will come out on the other side, ready to be used.

Here's some ideas on how you can use this product, how you can carry it. You can simply use the attaches that came with the product and secure your twine on the tube. You can also put it back into the packaging and just use this put on your backpack. And finally, some people like to do something like a knot on both ends, so the twine stays still inside the tube and this way you don't lose it, it doesn't come out, so you don't have to put it back in. And it's very convenient to carry this way.

These instructions should let you get started and use this product in the best way possible. If you still have questions or things are not clear, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at And we'll be very, very glad to answer your questions there or help you out with any problems you may have.


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