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Instructions Cobra Survival Bracelets

The Cobra Survival Bracelets can save the day. They are easy to carry on your wrist or snapped onto your backpack. There are few things you need to know about your bracelets to make sure that you are not disappointed and that if the time comes, you are ready.

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Here are three important things that you need to know. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Starting a Fire

This is the part where most people are struggling with. First you need to get ready. This means that you open the buckle, you pull the metallic scraper out. If it is the first time, then you will need to scrape the black paint from the ferrocerium rod to expose the metal. You can use the scraper to do so. Simply cratch the surface of the rod until you can see a nice metallic patch.

Second, you want to practice with the scraper either facing up or down. It works best when the dents are facing up. Make sure you get the right feel for it. Also there is an ideal scraping angle, a minimum scraping speed and strength. You may want to pull the rod while pushing the scarper. If you do it fast enough, you will see sparks.

Now that you are getting sparks, you will need really good tinder. This is not an open flame! So make sure to have dry tinder. There are many ways to create very good tinder. You can carry cotton balls or makeup remover pads that you spread open. In the wood, you want to use very fine and dry vegetation. The finer the better.

You can download this PDF E-Book to see these steps


2. Reading the Compass

Assuming you already know how to read a compass, this bracelet has a little trick to it. The scraper is metallic and therefore influence the little magnet of the compass. Note that the ferrocerium rod is not magnetic and will not skew the read. Here is what you need to do: undo your buckle, take the compass end in your hand, flat. The needle will point the magnetic North.

Another tip. You want to give little gentle taps on the compass to make sure that it settles on the North. Gently tap on it until it stops moving and stay at the same spot. The results should not depend on where you started and be repeatable. Try two or three times if you have doubts until you master the technique.

3. Undoing the Paracord

Undoing the paracord bracelet means that you will have to learn how to make it back! It is usually non-reversible! You want to undo it when you really need it. To do so, locate the end of the cord. It is glued to the rest to ensure that it won't fall apart on its own. Either pull aggressively on it or use the scraper to cut the glue. You may want to use a knife if you have one.


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